1:00 PM13:00

March of Remembrance - Walk

Join us for the testimony time at 1:00 as we start out the "DAY OF REMEMBRANCE". In the registration area of the facility is an education focus with posters, video, and small group leaders. You will get to participate in learning more about the Holocaust and Righteous Among the Nations. Testimony from survivors/perpetrators/and liberators will be held in the ballroom with time for leadership response of repentance and blessing. The March of Remembrance Prayer Walk preparation begins in the courtyard at 2:30 pm. Continuance of repenting and blessing theme will precede the walk. After that, the walk will begin at 3:00 pm rain or shine! The walk will be 1.2 miles with the possibility to only go half the distance.

Don't forget to register for the walk, buy tickets and join us for the the "EVENING OF REMEMBRANCE" and buy a T-shirt to support MOR-KC!

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